Bill M. came into our office with complaints of low back pain that he had been dealing with for ten years.
In the past, he tried different things to get relief, including exercising and taking pain medication, but to no avail. He said the pain began to interfere with his recreational activities and also his work. Like a lot of people, he could not afford to continue missing time from his job. He knew it was time to find a solution to his aching back.
Bill said that he experienced immediate relief with his first spinal adjustment and therapy. It was not long before he showed significant improvement. He now enjoys a more fulfilling lifestyle and has not had to miss any work! He also continues to come to Bradley Chiropractic to maintain a healthy low back.

Mark P. came to Bradley Chiropractic looking for relief from headaches and neck pain.
He said that the pain was gone within one to two months and now he feels great.  He continues to come in for regular adjustments.  He says the staff is real nice and the doctors are Great!

Lloyd M. complained of low back pain.
It kept him from doing work around the house and in the yard.  After 2-3 adjustments, he could already tell a difference.  He was able to start working in the yard and did not have to take pain pills.

Selina L. struggled with low back pain and TMJ for years.
She now gets regular chiropractic adjustments.  She says that she feels a release of tension right away.  She also says that she has more mobility and flexibility.

Alexandra W. had pain in her knees and feet.
She started noticing a difference about two days after an office visit.  She said that Dr. Bradley and Dr. Royston helped her to understand how her body should feel and have enabled her to keep active and healthy.  "With chiropractic care and my custom made orthotics, I feel that I have better posture, less pain and am overall healthier!"

Rita K. said she looks forward to her adjustments and she knows that the care she receives here helps her. She has also used Acupuncture to help with her Numbness and Neuropathy in her feet.   The adjustments keep her hands from going numb. Acupuncture has also helped her with her balance and numbness in her feet. Rita is now able to walk and knit with greater ease.  

Jean C. dealt with back and leg pain issues since childhood.
She came into our office, unable to stand up straight.  She said that after several treatments, she was able to stand up straight and after several weeks she was pain free.  "Coming to the Bradley Clinic has helped me continue with regular exercises which strengthens my back and leg muscles and I am sure it has helped with keeping asthma and other health problems in check.  Dr. Bradley and his staff are A+ in my book!"


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