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Chiropractic: Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction?  3/18/19

In a study involving 51 patients with sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD) and referred pain to the buttocks or lower back, researchers found that mobilization, stretching, stabilization exercises, and manipulative therapy are all effective treatments for reducing pain and improving function in SIJD patients. Doctors of chiropractic commonly use a combination of such treatments when managing patients with musculoskeletal complaints, including SIJD.

Chiropractic: Musculoskeletal Pain Very Common in ICU Nurses!... 4/22/19

Among a group of 702 intensive care unit (ICU) nurses, 97% reported experiencing one or more work-related musculoskeletal disorder during the previous year, with back pain (80.1%), neck pain (78.6%), and shoulder pain (70.4%) being the most common complaints. 

Wellness/Prevention: Reducing Infertility...04/15/2019

About 1 in 10 couples trying to have a baby suffer from infertility. The National Institutes of Health notes that advancing age is the primary cause of infertility, but there are other factors that can affect the chances of having a baby including excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, exposure to environmental toxins, certain medicines, radiation treatment and chemotherapy, stress, poor diet, being overweight, and sexually transmitted infections

Chiropractic: Hip Pain Is Rarely an Isolated Problem… 3/25/19
A recent study that included 2,515 subjects found that of those with hip pain (124), only 3% exclusively had pain in their hip. In 47% of cases, hip pain patients also had pain in one to five other body sites, and 50% of hip pain patients had co-existing pain in six or more areas. Doctors of Chiropractic are well trained in making differential diagnoses in order to determine all of the patient’s presenting pain generators, leading to proper management to achieve successful treatment outcomes.

Chiropractic: Mid-Back Adjustments for Neck Pain? 4/1//19

In a study involving 30 patients with chronic neck pain, researchers observed that spinal manipulative therapy applied to the mid-back resulted in improvements in both neck pain and the range of motion of the upper limbs. While neck pain is commonly associated with dysfunction in the cervical spine, past research has demonstrated that the thoracic spine plays a limited role in cervical rotation and flexion, which may explain why mid-back adjustments benefited the chronic neck pain patients in this study. 

Chiropractic: Poor Posture Affects Breathing...4/8/19

Pulmonary function tests performed on fifteen healthy males revealed that when participants adopted a forward head posture (FHD), they had significantly lower forced vital capacity, expiratory and inspiratory reserve volumes, forced expiratory volume at one second, and peak flow rate. Doctors of chiropractic routinely check for FHD and recommend exercise and ergonomic modifications to address this faulty posture.