Chiropractic: Is your child's backpack giving them back pain?   8/27/2018:  Studies report that1 instudents have back pain for 15 days or more during the school year. 60% of students 12-17 carry backpacks that weigh 10% or more of their body weight. In 2012 there were 5,415 backpack related injuries treated in the emergency rooms in the U.S. Be sure to encourage your child to use both straps to their backpack and schedule your child's next appointment with us to secure a better future. 


Chiropractic: Risk Factors for Back Pain. 9/10/2018
According to an analysis of data from an eleven-year study involving over 3,000 Finnish adults, researchers observed the following with regards to low back pain (LBP) and radicular pain: the risk of LBP declines slightly with age, while the risk of lumbar radicular pain increases over time; abdominal obesity increases the risk of LBP, while general obesity raises the risk of both LBP and lumbar radicular pain; the use of vibratory tools increases the risk of lumbar radicular pain; smoking and strenuous physical work both increase the risk for LBP and lumbar radicular pain; and walking or cycling to work reduces the risk of LBP

Chiropractic: Most Women Have Back Pain During Pregnancy.9/3/2018 
Questionnaires completed by 287 expectant mothers revealed that 76% experienced back pain during their pregnancy. Additionally, the researchers found that nearly a third of the participants in the study reported both back pain and pelvic girdle pain, with the risk for each increasing over the course of the pregnancy. The research team adds that women with a previous history of back pain or pelvic girdle pain have an elevated risk for experiencing such pain while pregnant. 


ChiropracticNeck Pain Can Affect Your Shoulder Movement… 9/17/2018
In this study, researchers found that among a group of 60 adults under the age of 45, those with chronic neck pain exhibited reduced function and range of motion in the shoulder. Additionally, the research team observed a relationship between greater neck pain intensity and worse shoulder joint performance.


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