Chiropractic: Chiropractic Care Improves Health-Related Quality of Life. 11/12/18
Assessments completed by 2,024 neck pain and back pain patients at 125 chiropractic clinics throughout the United States revealed that overall, chiropractic treatment results in significant quality of life improvements with respect to physical functioning, pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and social health

Chiropractic: Almost Half of Golfers Have Back Pain… ​10/15/18
Among a group of 271 recreational golfers, researchers found that 45% suffered from mechanical lower back pain (MLBP) and 23% had sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD). Further analysis showed that nearly 96% of the golfers with SIJD also had MLBP. The findings suggest that doctors should evaluate the sacroiliac joint in golfers with low back pain and that improving sacroiliac joint function could reduce the risk of low back pain recurrence.

Chiropractic: Poor Posture Linked to Headaches? 10/29/18
In this case study, a man with a history of constant pain and headaches following a work injury presented for chiropractic care. A thorough examination revealed that the patient had exaggerated forward head posture and thoracic hyperkyphosis. Following a thirteen-week treatment plan that involved exercises, traction, and manipulation, the patient experienced improvements in regards to his posture, pain, and headaches. This case report adds to a growing body of research linking headaches with dysfunction in the cervical and thoracic spine.

Chiropractic: Back Pain is a Major Problem for Med School Students. ​11/06/18
Brazilian researchers interviewed 629 medical school students and found that 77% of female students and 51% of male students experienced periods of recurrent back pain. One in five said their back pain interfered with social activities, while about 30% noted back pain interfered with either physical activities or school activities. The research team also noted a strong association between the risk of recurrent back pain and poor posture habits among the participants in the study. 

Chiropractic: Strategies to Reduce Work-Related Back Pain. ​10/22/18
No matter if you work at a desk or operate heavy machinery, back pain can make it difficult to perform your job. To help avoid back pain at work, experts at the Mayo Clinic recommend the following: maintain good posture; when lifting heavy objects, lift with your legs, use your core muscles, and avoid twisting; when available, use a lifting device; alternate physically demanding tasks with less demanding ones; limit or avoid carrying heavy brief cases, purses, or bags; change positions often; and walk and stretch periodically.


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